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Cristina Valas, DVM

Chief of Staff

Dr. Valas was born in Madrid, Spain, and is the oldest of six children. The whole family moved to the United Kingdom when she was 11 and moved again to the United States when she was 17.

She got her BA at Manhattanville College in Purchase New York and her DVM From Tufts School of Veterinary School in Grafton, Massachusetts. So if you couldn’t figure out her accent that is why – it is a Spanish/queen’s English/New York/Massachusetts accent!!!!!

Before attending veterinary schools she worked as a veterinary technician at Sleepy Hollow Animal Hospital in Valhalla New York and then as a radiology technician and surgery technician at South Shore Veterinary Hospital, a large multi-doctor practice in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

Dr. Valas is married to Rory Valas, a franchise law attorney in Boston. She presently lives in Ashland (just 5 minutes from the practice) with Rory and their large brood: two daughters, Cassandra and Natasha, son Justin,  grandson Clark, the best dogs ever, Valentino (Golden retriever and champion bird dog), Lobo (rescue Husky who loves pulling Rory on his skis in the reservoir)  and the sweetest Persian cats, George and Sadie.

Her main interest and passion are to increase a family pet’s longevity and well-being by utilizing a (w)holistic, integrative approach to health so as to maximize comfort and minimize drugs and surgery whenever possible. Although not a holistic practice, Dr. Valas will use Western herbs and nutritional products as well as progressive modalities such as cold laser and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation when these will improve the outcome and decrease the length of recovery and pain of her patients.

Aside from the stellar veterinary care, she provides her cat and dog patients, Dr. Valas also cares for small mammals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits.

Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), American Laser Study Club (ALSC)

Cristina Valas

Family Pet Hospital